Recuse an Administrator in a Template

One or more Administrators can be recused from a case review step when creating or editing a template.

Administrators recused at a given step in the workflow of a template will lose access to that step for all cases built on the template.

The instructions below describe how to recuse an Administrator when editing a step in an existing template. The process of recusing an Administrator is the same when managing Administrators for a step while creating a new template.

If your institution uses academic levels to manage access to cases (in bulk), see this article on how to  Use Academic Levels to Manage Access to Cases. and this article on how to Manage Academic Levels for finer control of administrator and manager access to cases.

Find the step from which you want to recuse the admin

1. Click "Edit" to edit the Step Details

When editing the step details, you can manage Administrators who will have access to the case at this step.

click edit

2. Click "Manage" in the box at the top right of the "Step Details" page

3. Click to recuse the Administrator

If editing a standing committee, you can also recuse committee members.

Open the "Manage Administrators" tab to view the Administrators who will have access to the case at this step