Create Cases for Multiple Candidates at Once

Using a simple setup wizard, Administrators can create cases for multiple candidates at once, all of the same type, and all using the same template. During the setup process you can:

  • Declare, for all the cases you are creating, whether or not the candidate will submit a packet
  • Set due dates that will be shared by all the cases you are creating
  • Select any number of candidates from the list of all existing Interfolio Promotion & Tenure users at that institution

Select "Cases" from the left hand navigation menu

Click the carat to the right of the "Create Case"button and select "Create multiple cases"

Case Setup:

1. Select the unit in which you want to create cases

2. Select the type of cases you are creating

When setting up multiple cases, all cases must be of the same type. For instance, you can set up mutiple promotion cases, or multiple tenure cases, etc

3. Select the template for the cases you are creating

Please make sure you are creating your cases based on a template that has the correct information, because you will not be able to make changes to the template during this process.

You can click "Preview" to view the specifics of each template in the list.

4. Click "Continue" when you are ready

Select the candidates for whom you are creating cases:

1. Indicate if the candidates will submit a packet

Choose "Yes" if the candidate will submit materials online through Interfolio. This setting can not be changed after the case has been created.

2. Click "Add Candidates"

3. Search for candidates by name, email, or unit, and click "Add" to create a case for them

You may only select candidates from users who have previously been added to Interfolio (e.g. as Evaluators).

4. Click "Continue" once you have added all the candidates

Summary & Confirmation:

1. Review and confirm the information, associated forms and requirements for the cases you are creating

2. Set dates for the submission of materials and deadlines for committee work

3. Select whether or not to notify candidates

4. Click to create cases