Saving Materials Shared With You to Your Dossier

RPT candidates can save (copy) documents that have been shared with them via the sharing/rebuttal feature of their personal Dossier.

This feature is only visible to Review, Promotion, & Tenure candidates.

  • When selecting the option to “Download all shared files”
    • The files will automatically download as a zip file
  • The individual share header will be restyled to include:
    • Sent by sender_name on sent_date on one line
    • Due Date and Respond option will appear in a “response requested” section
    • “View” option will be small, primary outline
    • The individual file should:
      • Continue to have the file name linked to viewer
      • The option to “Copy to Dossier  |  Download” appear instead of a date on the right hand side
  • RPT candidates who have copied files from their packet to their dossier will be able to see that item in a history entry that lists:
    • File copied from packet
    • Date
    • Review_Type  |  Template_Name

Log into your institutional account and select "Your Packets" from the left hand navigation menu

On the Committee Files screen, you will see a list of the files shared with you by the committee

To save or download all materials, click the "Action" button at the top right of the page

You will see an option to copy or download all shared files

Click "Copy all shared files" to copy the shared files to your Dossier

Verify the you want to copy the selected shared files, and click "Copy" to save to your Dossier account

If you have created collections of materials in your Dossier, you will see an option to add the shared files to a specific collection

You can also copy (or download) individual shared files by selecting "Copy to Dossier" or "Download" on the right side of the Committee Files page.

Open your Dossier account to verify that the shared files appear in the "Materials" section of your Dossier

Switch accounts fro the upper right hand corner of the page

The shared files will appear in your list of materials