External Evaluations

External evaluations are an integral component of the review process, so we’ve incorporated tools that streamline this process and make it easy for Administrators to request evaluations from scholars that are outside of the committee, or even outside of your institution.

An Administrator or Committee Manager in Interfolio RPT can request evaluations from one or more external evaluators from the case page of a candidate. These requests comes in the form of an email; you’ll be able to customize the subject and message of the email, set a due date and attach files from the case to help the evaluator complete their review.

Importantly, you can also set who from the committee (the Administrator only, the Committee Manager, or the entire committee) can see the evaluation once it is received.

Note that you can send requests to multiple evaluators using a single form (which will include a message, all attached files, and due dates etc.).

Also, if you’d like to use Interfolio RPT to solicit names of potential external evaluators from the candidate up for review, you can do so with a custom form that you create for the candidate to fill out, or with a required document that you ask the candidate to upload themselves. The candidate will never be notified or be able to see the external letter.