Set Up Your Institution's Hierarchy

Administrators can set up Interfolio Review, Promotion, & Tenure to exactly reflect the real-life organizational hierarchy of an institution by creating organizational units and adding lower organizational units beneath them. For example, a university might be the highest organizational unit, and that unit would in turn contain as many lower units as necessary, such as a colleges, schools, individual departments, divisions within departments, etc. Any structure is possible and can be easily created from within the program.

Committees, templates, users, and cases can be added to a specific unit when you create them. By associating aspects of the product with a unit, you will be able to control the level of access that is associated with that entity. In general, when a form, template, user, committee, or case is assigned to the institution-level unit, it will be available to all units the entire institution. When one of these items is assigned to a lower organizational unit it will be available to that unit and all units below it. For example, a college level unit might have committees, templates, users, and cases that are in turn available to all lower organizational units such as departments, and so on.

Articles in this guide provide more detailed information on how units and your institutional hierarchy relate to forms, templates, users, and committees.