In Interfolio Review, Promotion, & Tenure, each step in a workflow is called a "case review step." You can create case review steps when you’re making a template or a case. At each case review step, different people or committees have access to the committee documents, candidate materials, evaluations, forms, and comments that make up the case. Multiple committees (or single individuals) can be added to a case review step and can access a case at the same time. Once a case is being reviewed, Administrators and Committee Managers of certain committees assigned to the case review step can move the case forward or backward to different stages of the case review workflow.  

Administrators and Committee Managers can also set "committee document requirements" so that a committee must upload a certain document before the case can be moved forward t the next step.

As a case moves through the case review steps, some Administrators may need to manage only the components they should oversee--and nothing more. That’s why “administrator recusal” is a particularly helpful component of Interfolio Review, Promotion, & Tenure: it allows administrative users to invite other Administrators into a case, or dismiss Administrators when their job is done, so you can be sure to designate the appropriate person to oversee each step at any stage of the workflow process.

Once a case has been moved backward or forward, Administrators and Committee Managers can also choose to send an optional email message to members of the committee to notify them that they will be gaining access with that move. At any moment during the review process, Administrators and Committee managers can also e-mail the Candidate to request any additional information or to update them on the status of the review. Throughout every stage of the review process, you can be sure everyone stays in the loop.