Using Interfolio Data Service

This article provides an overview and explains how to use Interfolio Data Service to quickly and easily add information about your scholarly activities to Faculty Activity Reporting.

Interfolio Data Service regularly pulls in data about your scholarly activities from several large data sources.  On your homepage you are presented with Matched Records which you can easily validate and add to your account in Faculty Activity Reporting.  

Types of scholarship available via the Interfolio Faculty Data Service include:

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Book Chapters
  • Proceedings publications

Note on Untagged records: In some instances, we may receive records that not have been tagged with a type. These entries will appear ina section labeled as Untagged records where users can review them and assign them an appropriate type.

For more information see our FAQ on Interfolio Data Service.

Reviewing Matched Records

The Matched Records panel on the F180 Homepage presents you with the number of records the Interfolio Data Service has matched to you and made  available for your review (on the left of the page), as well as a count of records already added to your account (on the right of the page).

Home - Interfolio

Click "Need Your Review" to review the matched records

Home - Interfolio

The My Records page

Clicking to review matched records will open the Found tab of the My Records page. My Records  is a tabbed interface listing information gathered from Interfolio Data Service.

  • The Completed tab lists records already added to your account
  • The Found tab lists all records found and ready for your review
  • The Deleted tab lists records you have chosen not to add to Faculty Activity Reporting
Home - Interfolio

Record types

Matched records are grouped together according to publication type such as Article, Book, Book Chapter and Publication Records.

About Untagged matched records

If a matched record comes into the sytem as Untagged, it will be listed in an Untagged section and can be reviewed and assigned a type by the user.

Home - Interfolio

Assign untagged record a type

To assign a type to an untagged record, click to open it and select the type from the drop down list and click to Continue.

The untagged record will now appear as the record type you selected above

Home - Interfolio

Click the name of a record listed on the Found tab to open a panel where you can review the record

Clicking the name of the record in the list opens a panel to the right of the page where you can review and edit details of the record before choosing to accept it into your F180 profile.

Home - Interfolio
Edit and accept matched records

Review information in the Edit and Accept window

In the panel that opens you can review the record to make sure it describes your activity accurately.  Any fields that are required in F180 must be completed before accepting the record.

Note that this window is scrollable and you may need to scroll down to see all data points and information.

Home - Interfolio

Click Edit and Accept at the bottom left of the window to accept or make changes to the information

Set the Term for the activity

From the dropdown box at the top of the form, select which term the activity will be reported for.

Home - Interfolio

Set the Status of the record

The default status is Completed/Published.

Available statuses are:

  • In Progress
  • Submitted
  • Revise & Resubmit
  • Accepted
  • In Press
  • Completed/Published
  • Work Discontinued
Home - Interfolio

Review the record for accuracy

Required fields are marked with a red asterisk. Review the record, correct any errors and provide any missing but required information.

For instance, in the example below you would need to select the Month/Season of the journal publication.

Scroll and click to save once the information is verified.

Home - Interfolio

Accepted items appear on the Completed tab of My Records

Home - Interfolio

And are recorded as "Added to your account" on the Homepage

Home - Interfolio

Accepted items will then appear in your Faculty Activity Reporting account as shown below:

Faculty180 - Activity Input
Delete matched records

To delete a record from Edit & Accept:

If a record needs to be deleted click Delete and verify your selection as shown below:

Home - Interfolio

To  delete a record from the list of Found records:

Select the record to highlight it in the list and then click the trashcan to delete it.

Home - Interfolio

Deleted records appear on the Deleted tab of My Records

Note: Deleted records will not be shown to you on the Home page or in the Found tab again.

Home - Interfolio
Recently approved records

Recently approved records will appear on your Homepage as shown below

Bibliographic information for the last 3 records that you have approved will appear on your Home page as shown below.

Home - Interfolio