The content in this knowledge base is based upon the standard FACULTY180 environment. Your institution may have made changes to customize the FACULTY180 environment to meet your institution's needs; therefore, the screens in your FACULTY180 environment may differ slightly from the knowledge base. For more information, please contact your FACULTY180 administrator.

What is the privacy and use policy?

"Our Privacy and Use Policy" is publicly available on our website.  This policy is relevant for all interactions through electronic means with all Interfolio software and websites.

Activity Input

How do I import citations from Google Scholar?

A video tutorial entitled Import Citations into FACULTY180 covers how faculty members can import citations into FACULTY180 using Google Scholar.

What is the Workload (Activity Input) form?

The Workload (Activity Input) Form contains course and activity information for a period of time. The Workload (Activity Input) Form will be updated often, and the course data will be added by administrators before faculty input is initiated.

How do I submit my activities?

When the Activity Input Form has been initiated by an administrator, a message will display on the Dashboard. Upon completing the Activity Input Form, you can submit it.

Can activities span over multiple semesters?

Yes, but the semesters must be consecutive. Faculty can extend the duration of an activity from a previous activity by changing the end date.

What is 'Activities' on the Navigation Bar?

The 'Activities' page is used to summarize the data you have entered into the system via the Activity Input Form. For each activity, determine a start and end date and review the data as necessary.

How far back should I load my faculty activities?

Each institution decides how much data needs to be collected. Your Dean or Chair may ask you to load earlier years of activities based on professional accreditation requirements.

How do I document my research impact?

Using one or more of several online methods (e.g. Google Scholar, MEDLINE/PubMed), add documents and data regarding your research to the "Scholarly Contributions & Creative Productions" section of the Activity Input form.

I served on a committee at my school and it was not listed in the drop-down listing within Institutional Committees on the Activity Input Form. Where should I input this committee?

If your committee is not listed under Institutional Committees, enter it in the Other Institutional Service section of the Activity Input Form.

How do I accept a co-authored work?

To accept a co-authored work, simply click the Action Item in the To Do section on the Dashboard. You can then accept or reject the coauthor verification, and edit your copy of the activity. If you edit an activity, only your copy of the activity will be changed - no changes will be made to the other co-author's copy of the activity. If you reject the activity, the other co-author will not be notified.

When I enter activities, will they automatically be saved in FACULTY180?

No. FACULTY180 does not automatically save your information. You need to save the information upon entering it in the Activity Input Form.

Who needs to complete the Activity Input Form?

Each full-time faculty member will need to enter their activities in the Activity Input Form. This includes faculty members who are on sabbatical. If your appointment ends after the current academic year, you must still enter your activities for the current year. This is so your institution will have a record of all full-time faculty activities.

Can I include my anticipated activities for the upcoming academic term?

Unless instructed otherwise, faculty members should enter only activities that have been started or have been completed.

Can I list something twice?

Yes, if you think it is appropriate for the activity to be listed in more than one area.

There is no place on this form to list my particular activity. What should I do?

The Activity Input Form provides an Other Professional Activities section so you can enter activities that might not fit into other areas of the Activity Input Form. If you would like to request a section or field be added to the form, contact your FACULTY180 administrator.

Can I attach a supporting document, such as a letter of support from a peer?

Yes. You can attach supporting documents using the Activity Input Form. You may want to contact your FACULTY180 administrator to determine the best section to attach such documents.

I am trying to submit my Activity Input Form and it is asking me to classify my courses. What does this mean?

The system is asking you to assign an activity classification to your courses. Please respond to all questions for each of your courses. Once is completed, you will be able to submit your Activity Input Form.

Why do I have to enter data by academic term?

The database is based on a hierarchical structure that has been built to accommodate various review periods for institutions using FACULTY180. This term-based approach allows for faculty reviews across academic years, fiscal years, or calendar years. As such, activities need to be entered by term so they can become part of the hierarchy of an institution's choice of review periods.

How do activity statuses work?  

When entering an activity you can assign statuses with associated dates for each state such as In Progress or Completed/Published.


Terminal status vs. an ongoing status:

There are two terminal statuses in Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions: Completed/Published and Work Discontinued.

If you add a terminal statuses to an activity that has a date prior to any other status, those later states will not be displayed on vita output because we interpret the terminal state. IE: Completed/Published, to be the final state, so later statuses for the activity will not display when generating the vita.

With ongoing statuses, the expectation is that the users are still working on this activity, so when a user pulls a vita for anything that is listed with such as status, such as In Press for example, with a particular date, because that is an ongoing status, the activity will appear anytime a vita is generated until the activity is given a terminal status. This is true for everything other than Work Discontinued or Completed/Published. When those are introduced, that means the end of the activity.

What is the difference between the Profile Form and the Activity Input Form?

The Profile Form contains information about you that does not change often, such as your personal information, degree history, biography, etc. Some of this information may have been automatically populated by your institution's system. Other fields are available for you to complete if you wish to do so. The Activity Input Form is where you record your annual activities, such as advising load, professional and creative works, grants, participation on committees, and professional development.


How do I configure my personal vita?

Your vita can be configured by clicking Vitas & Biosketches on the Dashboard. Once your vita is configured, you can export your data into Microsoft Word to further format your document.

How do I create NIH/NSF biosketches?

To create a biosketch, click Vitas & Biosketches on the Faculty menu, then click Add. You will then have the option of choosing a template for your biosketch. FACULTY180 contains templates for NIH and NSF biosketches.

Profile Form

What is the Profile Form?

The Profile Form contains mostly static data that does not change that often. Contact information, interests, degrees, work experience, and honors are among the common types of data collected. The Profile Form will not need to be updated as often as the workload form.

How can I view my official transcripts?

To view official transcripts that have been uploaded by your institution, click Profile on the Faculty menu, then click the Degrees section. Click the Edit icon for the desired degree, then click the View icon adjacent to the transcript file in the Attachments section. Faculty members can also attach transcripts to their degrees.

The Current Academic Rank listed on my Profile Form is incorrect. What should I do?

If any of the auto-loaded information on your Profile Form is incorrect, please contact the FACULTY180 administrator at your institution.

How do I correct my information in the Profile Form area?

To make changes on the Profile Form, simply click Profile on the Faculty menu, then click the desired section.


How do I right-click on my Mac?

You can set up your Apple mouse or trackpad with right-clicking abilities from the System Preferences area on your Mac. You can also complete a right-click by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking your mouse or trackpad.