Activity Classifications - Required/Unrequired

This article is going to demonstrate how you can switch an activity classification in a form to be required or unrequired.

  1. From the Dashboard, click the Admin section of the navigation bar and then click the Setup 
  2. After the page loads, click the Activity Classifications link.
    On this page, you can choose the relevant unit where the AC is stored.
  1. After the page loads and the Unit selector is showing, choose the location where the AC is stored.
  1. Use the filter at the top of the screen if necessary, or use the Search bar.
  2. Click the Edit pencil to modify the AC.
  1. After the page loads, you will see the Activity Classification form and here you choose whether or not it should be a required field.
  1. After you make your changes, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and Save. Otherwise you may lose the changes that you have made.