(C-2) Upload Base Data

Uploading your institution's base data is a two-step process:

  1. Configure the upload form
  2. Upload the base datasets

The following base datasets must be uploaded into FACULTY180:

Data File Name
Hierarchical structure and names / abbreviations of units (e.g. Colleges, Departments, etc.)
Hierarchical organizational structure in FACULTY180
Biographical and demographical information, contact information, current position, etc.
Faculty accounts in FACULTY180
Course prefixes
Prefix, prefix name, primary unit
First of three datasets used to populate Teaching section
List of courses that have or might be taught—a typically pulled from course catalog
Second of three datasets used to populate Teaching section
Courses Taught
Term and year
Third of three datasets used to populate the Teaching section.
Standing and ad hoc committees (Note: not required with uncontrolled committee structure.) Option for a controlled list is selected by clicking Set Up > Details > Miscellaneous
A controlled list that populates the Institutional Committee section. (From a controlled list, faculty will select a committee name from a dropdown list or will select other and input a committee name.)
Faculty classifications
Categories for faculty—There are three standard faculty classifications: (1) employment status, (2) tenure status, and (3) faculty rank. Additional faculty classifications can be added for specific purposes, such as accreditation reporting. As faculty classifications are added to the database, the fields are added to the field list options.
Faculty classifications to tag faculty (This is optional during the implementation process, but is a critical database maintenance upload.)
Scholarly outlets
Scholarly outlets list used in the title field
Autocomplete listing for the title field. (Optional part of implementation process.)
Scholarly outlet metrics
Metrics assigned to scholarly outlets
Scholarly outlet metrics, such as impact factor

This diagram shows how data is linked within FACULTY180.

Reference the FACULTY180 Data Dictionary for information on data fields for each file type.