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(A) Implementation Overview - Getting Started with Implementation

This implementation guide was created to support your institution's successful implementation of FACULTY180. To promote your success, we have used our skills and experience to build a roadmap that lets you see where we are going and how we will get you there in the most efficient and effective way possible.

We have organized this implementation guide to tell you about the Interfolio F180 Implementation Team and discuss key steps in the Planning, Implementation, and Operations (post-implementation) Phases. At any stage, please contact your Interfolio F180 Project Manager if you have questions.

As part of the implementation process, many of our client institutions choose to create a central web site dedicated to FACULTY180 for their users. The purpose of the web site is to communicate information about FACULTY180, such as announcements, training guides, contact information, and more. Some of our client institutions have allowed us to share the link to their web site in our forums to serve as an example for other institutions at the bottom of the page. 

This webinar, presented by Kent State University, outlines the framework and intentional actions taken to provide system support at a local level for the Kent State University implementation of the FACULTY180 system, referred to as FlashFolio at Kent State University. This implementation involved a multi-campus network with over 1,400 system users.

University of Arizona

Thank you to The University of Arizona for allowing us to share the link to its FACULTY180 web site, known as UA Vitae. The University of Arizona uses this web site to communicate information to its users about implementation, along with ongoing use and features.

University of Delaware

Thak you to the University of Delaware for allowing us to share their website. They have created a web site to share information about FACULTY180 with its users, including implementation updates, its utilization plan, its performance appraisal pilot program, and FAQs.

Kent State University

Thank you to Kent State University for allowing us to share this information. Kent State University created a web site to share information about FACULTY180, known as FlashFolio at Kent State University, with administrators and faculty members. The web site contains general information about the system, including system enhancements; tips and tricks for using FlashFolio; training documents and schedules; and contact information for FlashFolio SuperUsers.