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(A) Implementation Overview - Interfolio: FACULTY180 Implementation Team

Typically, implementation begins by identifying the members of our staff who will serve as your Interfolio Implementation Team. The roles for our team are as follows: 

  • Project Manager: Works with your team institution’s implementation team and our staff to plan and implement FACULTY180. Our Project Manager provides leadership, guidance, and communication necessary to move the project from start to roll out. Our project manager will be your major contact throughout the implementation process.
  • Support Contact: Supports the Project Manager with technical issues that arise during the implementation process. The Support Contact also works with your implementation team and IT staff to plan and complete the technical aspects of the project, such as login authentication, data transfer, and feature requests.
  • Project Adviser: Oversees progress of the project, provides advice to our project team members and approves requests for resources and change orders.

Once FACULTY180 has been implemented, the Interfolio Implementation Team will be replaced with the Interfolio Support Team to provide your institution ongoing support and training.