(B-1) Form an Institutional Governance Team

Your institution should create an Institutional Governance Team to provide executive-level leadership and support for the project. We recommend the following be represented on the Institutional Governance Team: the provost's office, faculty, administrative computing, information technology, institutional research, and the library.

The Institutional Governance Team and the Institutional Project Manager should have meetings at various intervals during the implementation process (e.g. the beginning of the implementation process, six months after the implementation process has begun, and at the end of implementation) to discuss the progress being made and ensure goals are being met.

Duties of the Institutional Governance Team include:

  • Serve as the primary stakeholder for the project and mandate how the system will be used for the institution. (See an example of how an institution communicates the benefits and values of FACULTY180 to stakeholders.) 
  • Determine roles for
    • Management of scholarly records
    • Technical system support
    • Data integration with other campus systems
  • Establish and manage executive-level support
  • Form the Institutional Implementation Team
  • Oversee the Institutional Implementation Team to monitor progress of the project
  • Report the project status to the executive level and the institution's community
  • Support the Institutional Implementation Team in
    • Securing documentation from institutional stakeholders, such as existing reports, forms, and procedures.
    • Identifying and gaining access to data sources.
  • Establish the Institutional Operations Team to manage and maintain FACULTY180 after implementation

Institutional Project Sponsor: During implementation and ongoing, a key role for your Institutional Governance Team will be an Institutional Project Sponsor. This individual should chair the Institutional Governance Team, and communicate your institution's goals to Interfolio and to the campus community. We highly recommend the Institutional Project Sponsor be a representative of the executive level of your institution, typically from the provost's office. We recommend that the Institutional Project Sponsor chair the Institutional Governance Team.

When the FACULTY180 implementation is complete, the Institutional Governance Team will continue oversight of FACULTY180's ongoing use and maintenance.

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona created the attached document to communicate the benefits of FACULTY180 to the University of Arizona community and to engage stakeholders to work on leveraging the time and funding invested in gathering the activity information.