(B-2) Form an Institutional Implementation Team

The following is an example of a multi-faceted institutional implementation team for an institution-wide implementation, as opposed to setting up FACULTY180 for a single inclusive entity (such as a college or hospital). Using a model such as this, the institution is responsible for determining which of their personnel would best fit these roles. It is recommended that the personnel in these roles be tech savvy, have basic knowledge of computer hardware and software systems, and be knowledgeable about institutional processes and data resources.

Institutional Project Manager

Plans and manages all elements of the implementation process. TheInstitutional Project Manager works with the Interfolio Implementation Team to define institutionalneeds, schedule resources necessary to meet those needs, and create an implementation plan consistingof project milestones and tasks. The Institutional Project Manager will oversee the customization ofFACULTY180's input and reporting structures, and will manage data transfers to and from the application.

The Institutional Project Manager plays a crucial role in the FACULTY180 implementation process.Therefore, it is preferred that the Institutional Project Manager has previous experience managing acampus-wide software implementation.

Institutional Software Administrator

Provides oversight for ongoing system oversight and maintenance from the institution's perspective. During the FACULTY180 implementation period, the Institutional Software Administrators duties will likely require 10 to 20 hours per week and include the following responsibilities, as they assist the institutional Project Manager:

  • Attend project teammeetings
  • Gain an understanding of project goals related to the FACULTY180 software
  • Attend training sessions designed to prepare the Institutional Software Administrator to perform/manage all administrative processes in FACULTY180
  • Coordinate with the Interfolio Project Manager in system design and setup
  • Transition to the role of primary Institutional Software Administrator for system management / maintenance to include:
    • Meet regularly with sub-level unit software administrators for continued training and discussion related to system management / maintenance
    • Act as the main contact person for internal requests related to system design / setup - additions / modifications
    • Coordinate with other sub-level unit software administrators in performing modifications to system design / setup

Sub-level Unit Software Administrators

Work with the Institutional Software Administrator to coordinate each units needs and responsibilities with regard to implementation and maintenance of FACULTY180. Sub-level Unit Software Administrators oversee the planning and implementation of FACULTY180 for their units (college, department). During the implementation period, their duties will likely require approximately five hours per week and include the following responsibilities:

  • Attend meetings during the Implementation phase and during operational system maintenance
  • As requested by the Institutional Software Administrator:
    • Review the system design for each subunit and provide feedback to the Institutional Software Administrator
    • Attend training sessions related to their respective units
    • Support the Institutional Software Administrator with system management / maintenance as defined in the institutional governance document

Institutional Support Resources

Individuals in IT, IR, HR, and/or library faculty/staff depending on data management resources at the institution. Institutional Support Resources provide information on technical requirements and works with the Interfolio Technical Support Contact on authentication setup, data file creation and uploads, and data transfer.

The Interfolio Implementation Team and the Institutional Implementation Team should have regularstatus meetings to discuss any open issues. It is important that a detailed agenda be distributed at leastthree days in advance of these status meetings  any internal items should be at the end of the agenda. Meeting minutes should be documented by an individual from the client institution and distributed. The meeting length should be limited to 45 minutes. Once FACULTY180 has been implemented, the Institutional Implementation Team will be replaced by the Institutional Operations Team to manage the ongoing use and maintenance of the system.