(B-3) Demo FACULTY180/Discuss Features and Services

Your Institutional Implementation Team will meet with our Project Manager to demo FACULTY180 to the Institutional Implementation Team and discuss the following system features and services provided byus to support the implementation process.

Quickstar Program

The FACULTY180 Quickstart Program is designed to support schools as theybegin the FACULTY180 implementation process. We developed the Quickstart Program because webelieve the insights of our current clients can provide tremendous benefits to our new clients asthey begin the implementation process. The goal is to provide valuable information, early on, fromthe unique perspective of another FACULTY180 institution.We begin by working with the new client to select the right person at an existing FACULTY180client institution to serve as their Quickstart Consultant. This is accomplished by identifying anextraordinarily skilled and experienced FACULTY180 implementation leader from an existing FACULTY180 client institution. As part of this selection process, we focus on matching the consultantsinstitution with the new client based on key variables, such as size, mission, and system use.Once the client approves the selection of their Quickstart Consultant, we schedule a pre-engagementmeeting to get to know each other and to begin planning the next steps.

Vita Data Migration Services

We partner with a firm that provides data migration services. Thisallows our clients to move data contained in faculty vitas, typically in Microsoft Word and PDF files,into FACULTY180.

Reporting Features

We will review the following reporting features available within FACULTY180:

  • Generating vitas, faculty evaluation reports, and biosketches
  • Creating ad hoc reports
  • Accessing pre-built accreditation reports (e.g., AACSB, ABET, NCATE, regional accreditingbodies)
  • Using custom reports build for specific user needs
  • Generating search results to enhance collaboration and networking
  • Using web services

Web Services

We will discuss FACULTY180s ability to push collected data to other campus systems

  • Campus web site
  • Institutional repositories (e.g., institutional research, research repositories)

Faculty performance evaluations

We will review the features of our evaluation features. FACULTY180 provides faculty evaluation workflows that allow annual evaluations, tenure/promotionreviews, sabbatical decisions, etc. to be performed and managed from within the system,thereby eliminating the need for manual, paper-based evaluation systems.