(B-4) Determine Reporting/Review/Evaluation Needs

As a critical early step, your institution and subunits (colleges, departments, disciplines, etc.) should provide Interfolio with sample reports and forms used for internal reports, accreditation reports, and the performance of faculty and administrator reviews/evaluations. These materials form the foundation for discussion and design of the final FACULTY180 implementation.

The intention is to determine which data need to be collected to populate institutional and subunit reports, review/evaluation templates and forms, accreditation reporting, etc. We will review institutional and subunit documents to identify common elements that dictate system setup at the institutional level, and down through the organizational hierarchy to sub-level units. The sub-level units will then identify the additional setup needed to meet their respective requirements. As part of this process, Interfolio will work with the Institutional Project Manager and the appropriate Sub-level Unit Software Administrators.

FACULTY180 supports numerous professional and regional accreditation reports (e.g., AACSB, ABET, NCATE, SACS). Institutions should provide Interfolio with samples of any required accreditation reports they wish to use with FACULTY180. The content of these reports will dictate the content and structure of the input screens in the Profile Form and Activity Input Form.