(B-6) Discuss User Account Types and User/Unit RIghts

There are three key areas in FACULTY180 that relate to the type of user accounts that can be created and the level of access provided. These should be discussed during the planning phase.

  • User account types
  • User administrative rights
  • Unit administrative rights

User Account Types

User accounts can include full-time faculty, part-time (adjunct) faculty, professional staff who teach, and graduate students. In addition, accounts can be created for support staff.The basic difference between a faculty account and a support account is access to certain faculty data. As a result, a faculty account will have access to the users input profile data and activity data. On the other hand, a support account is intended for users who serve in a support role, such as a member of the Institutional Implementation Team, IT resources, administrative assistants, student workers, etc.

The following table shows the account type, employment status, and access rights. The employment status is used as a filter in the systems faculty selection tool.

Account Type
Employment Status
Access Rights
Full Time
Access to input data on the Profile and Activity Input Forms.
Part Time
Access to input data on the Profile and Activity Input Forms.
Access to input data on the Profile and Activity Input Forms.
Inactive Access to input data on the Profile and Activity Input Forms. (To restrict data, uncheck their access via the Faculty page)
No Employment Status
Access to support faculty in the process of data input on the Profile and Activity Input Forms.

User Administrative Rights

Both faculty and support accounts can be configured to have one of the following levels of administrative access:

Type of Access by User
Access to his/her own data
Report Rights
Access to run reports
Full Rights
Access to some or all setup options, administrative functions, reports, and other users’ accounts
Limited Rights  Access to the faculty member's menu only - evaluation data for the faculty member is restricted.

Unit Administrative Rights

Administrative rights can be modified by unit based on the organizational structure of academic units within the institution. See Define Unit Administrative Access for more information.

For the administrative rights assigned to an organizational unit, three levels of access exist:

  • No Access Granted
  • Allow Access Only
  • Allow Access & Allow to Grant Access - Allows the user to assign access to other users who have been granted administrative access to sub-units under the current unit. For example, a dean of a college can assign rights to a department chair within that college.

The highest unit (level 1 = university) will automatically be set to Allow Access & Allow to Grant Access. All sub units will have a default of No Access Granted.

We recommend that this level of access be maintained until the Institutional Project Team has more information about each option and can make an informed decision about allowing this access at sub-unit levels.