(B-8) Plan for Database Management/Maintenance

Your institution should plan for the proper management and maintenance of FACULTY180 after the software has been implemented. FACULTY180 is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) application, so there is no hardware maintenance to consider. However, there are software and database maintenance considerations.

The following are suggestions for developing a plan for sustaining the system:

  • Use the Institutional Operations Team and Institutional Governance Team to:
    • Focus on
      • System modification and approval of changes
      • Faculty onboarding
      • Training
    • Create / maintain a governance document
    • Create / maintain a maintenance plan
    1. Ensure proper resource availability
  • Identify resources for system management / maintenance (resources may or may not be members of the Institutional Operations Team or the Institutional Governance Team)
    • Responsible parties for scheduled imports / exports
    • Training development / maintenance
    • Sub-level Unit Software Administrators
    • IT resources as needed  for data uploads and login authentication
    • Support/Help desk resources

Develop a Governance Document

Develop a governance document that contains acceptable practices for software and database use and maintenance, to include:

  • User definitions
  • User and unit access rights based on definitions
  • Acceptable use plan
  • Change control plan
  • Acceptable importing and exporting of data
  • Data use on the web

Develop a Maintenance Plan

Develop a maintenance plan that documents:

  • Schedule for uploading data files
  • Methods for uploading data files
  • Data file structure
  • Data sources
  • Recurring imports / exports
  • Data backup