(C-1) Create Databases

Interfolio will work with members of the Institutional Implementation Team to set up as many databases as are needed for successful planning, implementation, and ongoing support. By default, the Institutional Implementation Team will have access to the following FACULTY180 databases:

Demo Database

This database is a generic, pre-populated database to be shared by all members of the Institutional Implementation Team, in order to become familiar with FACULTY180 functionality and reporting. A demo database may have been created during the discovery stage, prior to signing a contract.

Sample URL = http://www.data180.com/faculty180/clientname_demo

Development Database (Sandbox)

The development database has the following purposes:

  • The database is modified to meet institutional requirements. When the modifications are reviewed and approved, this database is pushed to production.
  • Serves as a testing database. Periodically, the production database will be copied back to the development database. This safeguards the production database and allows administrators to play with different configurations, and possibly data, without affecting daily user operations.

Sample URL = http://www.data180.com/faculty180/clientname_dev

Production Database

This database is created from the development database after the sandbox has been prepared for release. The production database should be the only database accessed by end users.

Sample URL = http://www.data180.com/faculty180/

Additional databases may also be created, as needed by the institution. For example, if a legacy transfer is required, a database named clientname_transfer will be created for this process. After the transferred data are reviewed and approved by your institution to the transfer database, these data will be imported into the production database.