(C-3) Customize Input Sections and Forms

We take a top-down approach to customizing FACULTY180. We begin by looking at your institutions reporting needs at the highest institutional level (typically the university level), and then we move through lower levels  colleges, schools, departments, and disciplines. The reports required at each level will drive the input sections and fields within FACULTY180.

To assist you, we have built a default set of input sections, which are contained in the Profile Form and the Activity Input Form. Institutions can easily add activity classifications to these default sections. Only limited field changes are available for these sections  these changes can be requested from Interfolio. However, it is also possible to create custom input sections. Because of the importance of creating a well-tailored input structure, the Interfolio Project Manager will schedule sessions with your Institutional Implementation Team to determine and configure the input structure required for your institution.

Review the information about the Profile Form and the Activity Input Form to help determine the input structure for these forms and prepare for the sessions with the Interfolio Project Manager.