Quickstart Program (optional) - Additional Resources

The FACULTY180 Quickstart Program is designed to support schools as they begin the FACULTY180 implementation process.

We developed the Quickstart Program because we believe the insights of our current clients can provide tremendous benefits to our new clients as they begin the implementation process. The goal is to provide valuable information, early on, from the unique perspective of another FACULTY180 institution.

We begin by working with the new client to select the right individual at an existing FACULTY180 client institution to serve as their Quickstart Consultant. This is accomplished by identifying an extraordinarily skilled and experienced FACULTY180 implementation leader from an existing FACULTY180 client institution. As part of this selection process, we focus on matching the consultants institution with the new client based on key variables, such as size, mission, and system use. Once the client approves the selection of their Quickstart Consultant, we schedule a pre-engagement meeting to get to know each other and to begin planning the next steps.

The following information about the Quickstart Program is covered during the pre-engagement meeting:

Purpose of the Quickstart Program

  • Enhance the value of FACULTY180 to new clients
  • Assist in streamlining the implementation process
  • Promote networking and the user community
  • Enhance communication of:
    • Institutional needs
    • System attributes
    • User experiences

Quickstart Team

The Quickstart Team consists of the following:

  • Quickstart Consultant
  • Interfolio (Chief Technology Officer and Director of Client Support)

Pre-Engagement Meeting (Client, Quickstart Consultant, and Interfolio)

  • Goal is to plan the Quickstart Program engagement within the context of the implementation process
  • New client discusses:
    • Background of the new clients institution
    • Reasons for selecting an online faculty system
    • Expected outcomes from the Quickstart Program
  • Quickstart Consultant discusses:
    • Background of Quickstart Consultants institution
    • Current status of FACULTY180 implementation at Quickstart Consultants institution
    • Experience of the Quickstart Consultant in the FACULTY180 implementation process
  • Determine if the Quickstart Consultant and Interfolio will visit the campus of the new client
  • Set dates for campus visit and/or the next steps
  • Discuss an agenda for the engagement:
    • Topics to cover
    • Meetings to schedule

Consulting Time Provided (25 hours - excluding travel)

  • Client and Quickstart Consultant identify how the time will be used
  • Quickstart Consultant communicates the consulting time spent on the Quickstart Program

Quickstart Consultant’s Report

  • Provided to institution with copy to Interfolio
  • Content should include discussion regarding:
    • Work completed
    • Findings
    • Recommendations

Stipend and Travel

  • Stipend for the engagement is $2,500 (USD):
    • $2,500 (USD) - one day
    • $3,500 (USD) - 1 1/2 days
    • $4,000 (USD) - two days
      • Paid by new client to Interfolio, and Interfolio pays Quickstart Consultant
      • Paid upon delivery of Quickstart Consultants report to institution
  • Travel paid by new client (with prior approval)

On-Campus Sessions by Quickstart Team

  • Tailored to needs of new client
  • Based on communication among the client, Quickstart Consultant, and Interfolio

Suggested On-Campus Meeting Itinerary (optional)

  • Meet with FACULTY180 campus team (e.g. the campus administrator, college administrators, and other representatives of the implementation team representing the library, IT, etc.)
    • Experiences at Quickstart Consultants institution
    • Challenges
    • Best practices
    • Recommendations
  • Meet with campus administrators & champions (e.g. president, provost, associate provosts, deans, and VP of institutional research)
    • Benefits sought by the school
    • Benefits provided by the system
    • Experiences at Quickstart Consultants institution
    • Expectations for campus administrators and champions
  • Meet with faculty
    • Benefits sought by the faculty
    • Benefits provided by the system
    • Experiences at Quickstart Consultants institution
    • Expectations of faculty members

Suggestions to Quickstart Consultant

  • Participate in a pre-engagement meeting
  • Have ongoing conversations with the new client institution and Interfolio
  • Work with the new client institution and Interfolio to document meetings, agendas, and client expectations
  • Clarify the individuals that the school wants to attend your meetings and the individuals you want to attend
  • Clearly define the Quickstart Consultants role and Interfolios role for all meetings
  • Expand to areas the new school should consider by showing examples from the Quickstart Consultants institution
  • Goal is to provide value early on and when the new client needs assistance