Section 1 - Accessing and Navigating Interfolio

This section will explain how to access Interfolio, whether it be through the standard process or single sign on, and then navigate to Interfolio Faculty Search.

Learning Goals:

  • Logging in and Accessing Interfolio
  • Navigating to Interfolio Faculty Search
  • Familiarized with Interfolio Vocabulary


  • Faculty Search - Interfolio module also known as FS
  • Units - Different tiers within the hierarchy, Schools, Departments, or Divisions. Each unit is made up of Administrators, Committee Managers, and Committee Members. Permissions and settings are tied to units and applied downwards. More on this will be explained in this section.
  • Positions/Searches - Academic, staff, fellowship or other postings that collect and store application materials in a single place for committee evaluation.
  • Landing Page/Apply Now Page - Each search has an advertisement page, with a unique URL, hosting the position description and additional instructions that serves as the online application portal for your search.
  • Application - The collection of materials submitted by candidates for review (documents and other files).
  • Committees - Groups of users that can review submitted applications. Committees include users in the Committee Manager and Evaluator role.
  • Dossier - Store and manage all of your job, fellowship, promotion, and review documents in one place.

Interfolio Faculty Search User Roles

These will be covered in the next section, but it is beneficial to start familiarizing yourself with the terminology for the user roles within Interfolio Faculty Search.

  • Institutional Administrators - Can control settings and view positions, applications, and reports (including EEO if enabled).
  • Administrators - Govern and manage an assigned unit within the institutional hierarchy. There can be multiple administrators assigned to a specific unit (college, school, department). Administrators can create, manage, and report on searches at their unit or any unit nested below.
  • EEO Officers - Can monitor and run EEO reports. They can also flag positions that do not meet diversity requirements.
  • Committee Managers - Can create and manage searches within a given unit in which they have been assigned to. They can communicate with applicants, control search settings, apply statuses, add applicants and applicant documents and create search reports.
  • Evaluators - Are assigned to search committees. Once assigned to a committee, Evaluators can review applications including all documentation and custom form responses. When reviewing applicants, evaluators can apply tags and evaluate applicants using a five star rating system.

Interfolio Concepts

About Logging in to Interfolio

The method that your institution uses to log into Interfolio is up to how your have been implemented at your institution.

The following situations are typical for client institutions:


General Tips for Interfolio

  • Use Google Chrome as your Web Browser
  • Ensure you are always using an up-to-date browser
  • If things look funky on your screen – try clearing your cache
  • Document formatting/size/bookmark issues: try

Learning Materials

Required Learning

  • Logging into Interfolio - Interfolio allows institution's to login with Single Sign-On or through Interfolio managed account credentials. All login methods for Faculty Search are covered in this article.
  • Navigating to Faculty Search - Quickly and easily navigate to Interfolio Faculty Search through the Dashboard.

Optional Learning