Faculty Search Quick Start Guide - Table of Contents

This guide is only recommended Interfolio Faculty Search Client Institutions who would like to post a position as soon as possible.

Here is the link if you are looking for the general chapter on Creating a Position.

This chapter of articles have been assembled to help an administrator at an institution quickly be able to create a posting in Interfolio Faculty Search, and in doing so creating a template for the institution and/or unit. This guide can be accomplished with one users with an administrator account.

How to Progress Through this Self Guided Training

There are a total of 7 Core Sections to this training, each with required articles .

At the bottom of every article, including this one, there will be a forward and back button so you can progress to the next article in the process or back to the last article you were at in this manual.  

Please Note: All 'Optional' articles are outside of this guide and instead is housed with our general help information. Thus if you are relying on this guide, you must click on the links in the section guides, and then navigate back to this guide in order to keep progressing.  

Section Articles

At the beginning of each section, there is a section article to get information about what content will be covered in the upcoming content, such as: a summary, learning goals, vocabulary, required articles, and optional or additional resources. In addition to the help articles, a number of videos have been created to help depict the product in use so users can see how it looks in-action.

Each section will contain links to let you jump and skip to the section you are intersted in, note that if you jump over an article, you need to go backwards to find it, or return to the section article and/or the table of contents.

Table of Contents

Preface - Faculty Search, Using this Resource, and Getting Further Support

If you need further assistance, you can also submit a support ticket using the bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, or email Scholar Services at help@interfolio.com.

This article you currently are reading will be a table of contents to help you quickly navigate to the other content from a central location. There are additional learning articles within the individual section articles (ie- Section 2 - Managing User Roles and Assigned Units)

Preface Article

Section 1 - Accessing and Navigating Interfolio Faculty Search

The first section of the Quick Start Faculty Search guide will focus on informing users how to login, as well as navigate to Interfolio Faculty Search. All login methods are covered in the materials below.

Section 1 - Accessing and Navigating Interfolio

  • Logging into Interfolio - Interfolio allows institutions to login with Single Sign-On or through Interfolio managed account credentials. All login methods for Faculty Search are covered in this article.
  • Navigating to Faculty Search - Quickly and easily navigate to Interfolio Faculty Search
Section 2 - Managing User Roles and Assigned Units

This section section of the Quick Start Faculty Search Guilde will focus on informing users how to manage user roles and also add additional units. Optional articles will provides tips to manage and customize Interfolio Faculty Search for your institution's users and applicants.

Section 3 - Administrative Settings

The third section of the Quick Start Faculty Search Guide will be focusing on updating the Institutional Templates and Settings that are being used to run a search. Administrators at the institution or unit level can create standardized form templates, position and applicant statuses that fit the needs of their institution's and/or units to ensure consistency across searches and/or departments.

Section 6 - Evaluating Applications

This section will inform users how to effectively evaluate applications for a position and how to reliably collect and relay feedback to the committee using Interfolio Faculty Search. Users will be given tips to use Application Statuses and Position Statuses to deliver reliable and consistent messaging to all applicants to your Interfolio hosted position search. Tagging and archiving applicants will allow for a smooth and easy committee experience within Interfolio Faculty Search.