Section 5 - Managing and Supporting a Position Search

This section of this guide covers the basics of managing and supporting a position search within Interfolio Faculty Search. This collection of materials will assist administrators and committee managers in understanding the applicant and letter writer experience, as well as how to manage and support their submissions.

Learning Goals:

  • Identifying Referral Sources
  • Managing Position and Application Statuses
  • Applicant Communication
  • Creating an Application and Adding Materials


  • Referral Sources - One very useful metric to help determine where the applicant traffic is coming from. This enables institutions to figure out what is the most productive communication avenue for their positions to help invest their resources more efficiently.
  • Request a Letter - An applicant or a committee manager/administrator may request a letter from a letter writer easily through the applicant's application page.
  • Pending Letters - When an applicant requests a letter from a letter writer, the applicant will see the letter as 'Pending' as in 'Pending Submission of the Letter by the Letter Writer'. Meaning that Interfolio has yet to receive the letter writer's document.
  • 'Complete' Applications - A status that can be triggered by an institution. Also, when an applicant has submitted all required materials, and also all required forms filled out than an application will automatically move to 'Complete'. If the application requirements change, and the previously complete application was NOT archived than the applicant will be able to see that their application is no longer complete (due to the newly added requirements).

Interfolio Concepts

About the Applicant Experience and Other Interfolio Services

Applicants to positions that are hosted by Interfolio Faculty Search can find a position's landing page in generally a few ways:

  • Finding the URL via an ad posting, e-mail, recommendation, or similar institutional distribution.
  • Finding the posting on Interfolio Dossier's Opportunity Search.
  • Finding the posting on an institutional job board that is using Interfolio API.

Once logged in, applicants will have a free dossier account. With this Dossier user-account applicants can request and store confidential letters of recommendation (that they cannot view) and other academic or applicant materials. They may find other Interfolio hosted opportunities to apply to with their free Dossier account.

If applicants wish to continue using Interfolio to be able to send their Confidential Letters of Recommendation and materials to positions outside of Interfolio (via mail, email and online confidential letter upload), than they can purchase a one-year, Dossier Deliver account to send up to 50 'deliveries' per year, and purchase more if they wish. Interfolio hosted positions remain to be free for all users, including Dossier Deliver users.

This model allows applicants to gather their materials over time, at no cost to them, and when they are ready to apply for a position, they pay once and can begin sending all of their packets to the institutional recipients.

if applicants require assistance they have the option of reaching out to Interfolio's Scholar Services via or by our phone between 9am-6pm EST, Mon-Fri, except Holidays. Scholar Services support is free at Interfolio.

About the Letter Writer Experience

If a user is only going to be writing letter writers of recommendation, then they never have to pay for Interfolio.

Another part of Interfolio's Dossier is the letter writer component, once a letter writer is requested to write a letter of recommendation, they are emailed with an informational page containing context about the letter request and the applicant. Also, letter writers are provided with applicant's attachments either provided by the applicant or the committee, if they are the ones providing the request. Also on that page, the letter writer can also accept or decline the request, and if they accept, submit a letter of recommendation for the applicant.

Interfolio does not message letter writers outside the letter of request process.

If the letter writer has decided to update a letter or perhaps decides that they would like to remove the letter altogether, they have the ability to set a password for their letter writer account. With their free account, they can log back in to manage any and all letters of recommendation associated with their e-mail address.

If letter writers require assistance they have the option of reaching out to Interfolio's Scholar Services via or by our phone between 9am-6pm EST, Mon-Fri, except holidays. Scholar Services support is free at Interfolio.

Referral Sources

Administrative users can get an idea of where people are finding a position by viewing a graph of the top websites sending visitors to the landing page of a position. This valuable tool provides insight as to where the most traffic is coming from, so that institutions may accurately invest their capital towards the most productive options.

Note that this chart records visitors to the page, NOT all applicants, so the number will generally be higher than the total number of applications received.

Position Status, Application Status, and Applicant Communication

Message Templates, the position status, and the application status, all come into play when managing a search within Interfolio. These tools come together to allow for a dynamic and responsive system that sends consistent messaging based on committee manager direction.

In an earlier section of this guide, you were introduced to position statuses, which let you indicate the status of the position to internal users.  If enabled by the committee manager, applicants can view the status and automated messages can be tied to changes in the position status.

Similarly, applicant statuses are available to indicate the current status of the applicant to the committee members(ie- longlist, shortlist, waiting for updated materials, etc). This status is only available to the committee and administrators, but automatic messaging can be associated with the status changes to help keep the process transparent for the applicant, in addition to the committee members.

These processes, coupled with reports (covered in a later section) help committee makes deliberate data-driven decisions in their committee process.

Creating an Application, Adding Materials, on an Applicant's Behalf, and Committee Requested Letters of Recommendation

If an institution or committee receives an applicant's materials via a method that is not Interfolio, we recommend that all materials be uploaded into Interfolio Faculty Search.  This will ensure that Interfolio continues to produce most accurate reporting data possible with all applicants and evaluation information documented for the institution's benefit.

From the position page, where a committee manager or administrator can view all of the different applicants, there will be an add button at the top of the list. After clicking and navigating through the process, application packets can easily be created and handed off to the applicant. The applicant will be notified via email and they can log in to a Dossier account associated with that e-mail address.

If an applicant is unable to upload their own documents, and the committee has already received copies of said documents, then they can upload the files directly to the application easily from within Interfolio Faculty Search.

Learning Materials

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Supporting Applicants

Supporting Letter Writers