Section 7 - Closing and Reporting a Position Search

This section will demonstrate how to generate and export reports of the data collected during the use of Interfolio Faculty Search. Both during deliberation and after the committee has made their final decision, the institution and the committee can gain valuable insight from data on the candidates, process, and evaluations related to the search.

Learning Goals:

  • Closing a Report
  • Applicant/Applications Report
  • Position Report
  • System Log
  • Forms Report


  • Position Report - Committee managers and administrators can use the positions report feature in the "Reports" section of Interfolio Faculty Search to generate report data on searches in ByCommittee.
  • Applicant/Application Report - Allows administrators to pick and choose from an extensive list of applicant data fields to create a customized report, which can be viewed onscreen, saved and recalled, and downloaded as a CSV file.
  • Form Report [EEO Report/Custom Reports] -  A report that enables users to pull in parts of data from forms that applicants filled out, and build what they want to see. Some information depicts demographics information related to EEO data as captured by Interfolio Faculty Search.
  • System Log - The system log is a record of all changes/submissions within Faculty Search. This is a record-keeping tool to maintain a record of when and how something has changed, and logs are customizable based on what a user wants to see.

Interfolio Concepts and Vocabulary


The reports that Interfolio provides are designed to be used in many different ways. We understand that users often have to compare different aspects of their data, and sometimes reports are needed quickly. The reporting interface has been created with that in mind. Interfolio allows you to build reports with only the relevant data and lets you save the reports you perform frequently.

These are the reports that are available to Interfolio users:

  • Positions Report
  • Applicant/Applications Report
  • System Log
  • Custom Report

Position Report

The position report allows users with the proper permissions to see information about all of the positions within Interfolio Faculty Search. The user can filter the reports by position status and other details in order to see all of the relevant positions. Additionally, users can see what types of messages have been sent to the applicant, either automatically or manually by a committee member.

Applicant/Applications Report

The applicant/applications report is an essential tool to a committee during a search and after the search has been closed. With this report, users are able to pull evaluator information and pull relevant information from only the applicants they are interested in.  

If users only want to pull information about individuals that fit a specific criteria, that is available to them within a few clicks. This can be rating, degree, and even individual form responses.

Form Report - "EEO Report"

The form report is a dynamic exporting tool that enables users at an institution to build and configure an output based on many points of data. Every form that is filled out by an applicant is available from this form. For example, if you have the proper permissions, you can pull up a report of specific EEO information entered into forms.

System Log

Learning Materials

Required Learning

  • Closing a Faculty Search (w/Video) - When closing a Faculty Search, you have the option to notify all applicants of the change, change the position status to closed or a similar status, and choose a selected candidate. This step is essential for accurate reporting.
  • Applicant/Applications Report - The applications report allows users with the correct permissions to export reports based on applicant data that has been captured within Interfolio Faculty Search.
  • Position Report - Committee Managers and Administrators can use the positions report feature to generate reports on searches conducted using Interfolio Faculty Search. 
  • EEO or Custom Report - Administrators, Committee Managers and EEO Officers in Interfolio Faculty Search can generate a Forms Report that provides a visual representation of data collected from EEO questionnaires and custom application forms. The report data can be displayed onscreen or downloaded as a .csv file for use in spreadsheet programs.
  • System Log  The reports contained in the System Logs section of Interfolio Faculty Search provide Administrators with complete visibility of changes associated with the positions they are managing.
  • View Report of Emails and Notifications - Administrators can view sent emails and notification messages in Faculty Search from the "Logs" tab of the Reports page.

Optional Learning

  • How to weight ratings from an applicant report - If an institution wants to use the rating tool, but weight their criteria differently for the average, we recommend that the committee manager use a spreadsheet program. Here is a guide on how to use an applicant report with a spreadsheet to create weighted ratings. 
  • How to reopen a closed search - How to reopen a search that was previously closed by a committee.