Faculty180 Release Notes: 2018.10.30

We have made several fixes and improvements with this release.

Fixed Menu "Slide" animation that was slow and causing unwanted application navigation:

Resolved issues with the Menu “Slide” animation which was occurring in some browsers under particular circumstances when the application was moving from one page to another.

Fixed behavior of Add Configuration of F180 section template:

In F180, when adding or cloning an activity input form (Administration > Setup > Configuration > Activity Input Form) when clicking "add," the list of available "templates" comes from the list of forms at the University Level. When selecting the drop down, user could only see two of the forms. If user changed the names of the forms, they were reordered in the drop down alphabetically. However, if the form "University Master Activities section" is titled third alphabetically, the wrong form was being selected in the next step, where user would choose to "clone" or "modify" the template.

Hyperlink "target" setting not sticking for Announcement Text:

Fixed issue happening when updating the Announcement text hyperlinks in a production db. When user was trying to update a hyperlink to target a new window, the setting wasn’t sticking after saving.

Added an additional option under the Status drop-down menu called "In Press."

Added “In Press” as a status for all Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions and subtypes.

F180: Faculty Activity Reporting - Editing Membership:

Fixed an issue with editing membership (Under profile-> Membership). Faculty could add membership but not edit or delete it.

F180: Faculty Activity Reporting - Editing Membership:

Fixed problem preventing faculty from using the tool Actions>Export to Word when viewing anything in Forms & Reports > Prior Activity Input Forms. When the menu option was selected, nothing happened. The export works now but exports to PDF instead of Word.

Hyperlink "title" setting not retained after saving for Announcement Text:

Fixed issue when updating the Announcement text hyperlink. When user entered a title of the link in Setup  School: Details > Announcements section at the bottom > configure a link > enter the title of the link  and save, when editing the link again, the Title was not retained after saving.

Improved performance of Evaluations report:

Fixed issue of pages timing out and slowness when users drill down into a high number of evaluations. We now allow for a CSV download for all reports and also generate the report in the UI if the report is less than 500 rows.

Added Instruction Mode to the Courses Taught Report:

Courses Taught Report has 3 new columns (Users will see the data for each field in the table):

  • Instruction Mode (highest priority)
  • Credit Hours
  • Enrollment

Fixed help icon for "Hide Empty Groups" option on Vita setup:

Fixed issue with the “Hide Empty Groups” option not functioning on Mac.