Dossier Release Notes: 2018.10.30

This release features several improvements and fixes to to Dossier.

Fixed confusing wording in letter requests about hard deadlines:

Resolved concerns over text at the bottom of the request page: “You cannot submit after the due date”.  The concern was that it isn't a actually a hard deadline. We still accept letters after the due date. Now, for FS recommendations and RPT external evaluator requests we maintain the current wording: “You cannot submit after the due date.” For Dossier letter of recommendation requests w show this wording: “{‌{first_name}‌} has asked that you submit your recommendation by the above due date.”

Chat icon hides cancel button on Dossier Upgrade page:

Moved the “Upgrade Now” and “Cancel” buttons to the left side of the page. “Upgrade Now” should be at the left, and “Cancel” should be to the right of it.

Non-Confidential Letters - QC Status is shown as pending on account:

Users were becoming confused when a letter of recommendation that is "Non-Confidential" is uploaded, the QC status was marked as "pending." This confused the user because they assumed the non-confidential letter needed to be QC'd when it does not, so the letters stayed marked as pending. Users became confused when the Quality Check was not performed. In fact, non-confidential letters do not need to be quality checked, so we have added a tooltip explaining:“Non-confidential documents are not quality checked because you can review them.”

Fixed document reordering on the delivery review page:

When users were reordering materials in a delivery, then continuing onto the review page, the documents were reverting to chronological order. This was only a display issue with the delivery page. In the actual delivery, the documents were always appearing in the order that the user set, but this was causing concern and confusion with users. The documents now appear in the right order on the delivery review.

Active materials showing up in Active and Archived materials page of Dossier:

Fixed issue with letters showing in Archived and on the Active materials page when user did not archive the item.

Fixed "A valid email address is required" error during sign up when using upper case letters:

Fixed issue with users seeing the error "A valid email address is required" when they were trying to sign up if they include upper case letters in their email.

Fixed problem with affiliation url not affiliating Dossier accounts:

Now, when a user signs up through a link with selected_institution in the URL, the account is linked to the the affiliate institution.