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FAQ: Improvements to Candidate Packets in Review, Promotion & Tenure (Winter 2019)

1. What is changing?

We have released two related improvements around candidate packets in Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure:

  • Improved packet transparency. We have changed the visual layout of the candidate packet, so that the administrator view and the candidate view will resemble each other much more closely.
  • Reuse past case materials. We added the ability for an Administrator or Committee Manager to pre-populate a candidate's case with suggested materials pulled from that candidate's past cases—which the candidate can accept, edit, or remove.

This product update is the result of a lot of careful consultation with client institutions, and it should make life easier for faculty and staff at your institution on a few different levels.

About Improved Packet Transparency:

We made a few changes to the layout of the candidate packet.

Some colleges and universities have an obligation to make a large portion (or all) of the information involved in the case available to their faculty review candidates, throughout the entire review process. This product update will make that easier for these institutions to satisfy that obligation.

At the same time, the new packet layout does not force total transparency on those institutions whose policy requires a more closed-off experience. We have preserved the variety of tools that already existed to associate materials and information with the case that are not visible to the candidate—such as internal case sections, case data forms, and external evaluations.

About Reusing Past Case Materials:

We added the ability for authorized institutional users to pre-populate a candidate's case with suggested materials pulled from that candidate's past cases.

At the same time, the platform gives the candidate the option to accept, edit, or remove those suggested materials.

This feature should make it more convenient, and prevent errors when running repeat reviews for the same individual through Interfolio over multiple years.

Read a full explanation of what has changed, broken down by user role in the release notes for this release.  

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2. How will these changes impact cases already in progress? (Do I have to take any action around this release?)

Certain types of candidate materials (details below) will be moved from their current locations:

  1. Materials added by administrators to candidate sections
  2. Candidate materials moved from their originally submitted section

We know that different academic units have different processes and policies around cases run through Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure, so the significance of this change will vary from institution to institution. Please consult with the administrators at your institution to determine whether any materials must be moved back.

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3. How can I tell if our Administrator users need to manually move any materials?

There are only two situations where materials will change location:

  1. Materials added by administrators to candidate sections.

    Upon the release of this product update, in each Review, Promotion & Tenure case, any materials that were added by Administrator users to candidate sections (whether uploaded directly to the section, or moved to the candidate section from an internal section) will be automatically moved into a new, system-generated case section titled “Migrated Case Materials.”

    If you wish the files in the “Migrated Case Materials” section for one or more cases to be moved back to the place they were before (same section and sequence), then an Administrator user with permission to edit those cases will need to take action within the platform.

  2. Candidate materials moved from their originally submitted section.

    Upon the release of this product update, in each case, all candidate materials that that have been moved from their original section (at the time of submission) will be moved back to that original section. Of course, candidates will not notice this change—because their view of the case has been frozen upon submission of the packet—but reviewers, committee members, and committee managers may.

Finally, any materials previously added by an administrator to an internal case section (not viewable by candidates) will remain in those internal case sections. No change there.

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4. We have case materials we wish to move back. What is the best way to do that?

We know that some institutions will want to move certain materials back. We have built in three tools to assist with that, as part of this product update:

  1. Label. In the “Migrated Case Materials” section for any case, next to each migrated file, you will find a little text label showing in which section that individual material was previously stored.
  2. Movement feature. In the “Migrated Case Materials” section for any case, there will be two new ways to move materials that were moved as a result of this release:
    • Drag and drop: You can select one or more materials and move them with your cursor over to a new section.
    • “Move” button: Select materials with checkboxes and hit "Move" in the actions bar, which will ask you to choose a new target section.
  3. Downloadable record of original order. In the “Migrated Case Materials” section for any case, you will find a button that enables you to download a single spreadsheet (in .csv file format) showing in which section each material was previously stored.

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5. How will these changes affect templates we have already created?

This release will not change the actual structure of your templates, only the appearance. However, you may wish to consult with your Interfolio Project Manager or Account Manager about how you can take advantage of these changes to improve the structure of your templates moving forward.

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6. Will case sections themselves move?

This release may change the sequence of your existing case sections. The order of your sections may move because we're more clearly distinguishing between sections that comprise the candidate's packet and those sections that include materials intended for use only by the institution.

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7. At our school, we do not allow use of documents from a previous review. How will this work for us?

If you wish to prevent materials from a candidate's past cases from being suggested to them in their new/current case, you will need to instruct your administrator users not to use this functionality when creating cases. This release does not include any functional measures to "turn off" the new feature for reusing past case materials.

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8. Will past candidates be able to share past cases/packets with other colleagues going up for promotion?

No, this release does not include any new functionality for candidates/faculty members to share materials with each other.

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9. How can an administrator at our school grant a faculty member the ability to add materials to their packet after submission?

This action is unchanged by this product release. Please see our help article: Turn On/Off Candidate Editing of Packet Materials.

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10. Will department staff or an administrator be able to remove material added by the candidate?

No. Once submitted by the candidate, candidate materials can only be removed by the candidate. Department staff or administrators cannot remove materials added by the candidate.

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11. Can a department admin see/add materials from a prior case from which they have been recused?

No. If a user is currently recused from a past case, they will not be able to access any materials from that case.

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12. In what section should I put committee documents that require a response/ rebuttal (such as case analysis, committee summaries etc.)?

If response and/or rebuttal is part of your process, and you need to share documents with a candidate, our recommendation is that committee docs (case analysis, committee summary) be placed first in an internal case section, and then shared with the candidate. This way, you will be able to track and log when the document was shared, and every time a candidate responded. Placing the documents in internal case sections keeps in tact our system of tracking and logging activities via an activity log.

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No. This release has not changed the rules around the visibility of external evaluations (including documents uploaded by external evaluators, external evaluators' names, or any other information about external evaluation requests).

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