RPT Release Notes: 2018.11.13

This release contained small (but important) improvements, and couple of fixes.

We now allow user to download individual form responses in a PDF:

User viewing a packet that includes responses to a Candidate form can download the form responses as a PDF.

Fixed "Delete case" button, it was incorrectly disabled at particular times:

Deleting cases from the case list was giving a prompt when you were hovering over it; "You've selected one or more cases that cannot be deleted." This was happening for cases that had been closed and should have been delete-able. User can still click the delete button and it still deletes the case, but the prompt shouldn't be coming up.

Creating a shared response wasn't updating on the home screen correctly:

When creating a share response, the work item for "documents shared" was not updating on the home screen. Users couldn’t clear the flag for response requested, and the number of documents with response requested was not updated. Also, candidate share responses now clear the flag for their packet work item.

Fixed issue with mistaken pluralization of candidate name when creating custom downloads:

Fixed issue with the names of the candidates become plural in the download when user requests to download case materials.

Remove old banner modal:

Removed display of non-functioning window some users would see when visiting RPT.