Faculty Search Release Notes: 2018.10.30

This release continues a couple improvements and fixes, and some work to improve accessibility.  

Don't include rejection related attrs when cloning a position:

Fixed problem happening when user was creating a new position and opting to create it as a clone of an existing position where approval was rejected, then the new position was set as rejected upon creation.

Removed the option to scope to all evaluator position on the /admin page:

Fixed issue when a Committee Manager is viewing the Admin page and has 'All Evaluator Positions' option in the drop down, clicking on that option resulted in an error. We removed the option to view 'All Evaluator Positions.'

Fixed issue with Form reports - new tagging button was not clickable:

Fixed problem in FS when running a form report with detailed applicant responses, adding a new tag doesn't work.

A11Y: Fixed Table Headers:

We made adjustments to the headers of the main FS positions table so that VO accurately reflects the correct number of columns when a user tabs to the table.

A11Y: Fixed labels in ACCT Settings:

Made adjustments to correct for several abels in the settings that spell out directions instead of what the original label is.