Faculty180 Release Notes: 2018.11.13

We have made several fixes and improvements with this release.

SCP Activities was not showing on the vita if status was In Progress or In Press:

Fixed issues with activities in the Scholarly Contribution and Creative Production section not showing on the vita if the status = In Progress or In Press.

"Jump to Section" not working for Teaching: Credit Bearing Courses:

Fixed issue with the "Jump to Section" not working or the Teaching and Advising Load sections. In Activities > "Teaching: Credit Bearing Courses" > Jump to Section did not work.

Fixed error message when trying to edit Initiated Activity Input Period:

Fixed issue happening when trying to edit initiated input period, users were getting “Permission Denied" error.

Updated Scholarly Works: Roles drop-down menu:

In a patch for immediate release we updated the roles drop down menu in Scholarly Works:

  • Practice: Professional Practice/Research > Exhibitions
  • Roles drop-down menu - Added the following options:
    • Curator
    • Other
  • Practice: Professional Practice/Research > Screenings > Roles drop-down menu - Updated  the list as follows:
    • Author
    • Editor
    • Director
    • Producer
    • Curator
    • Partner
    • Other

Login & Forgot password issues:

The email that was sent to users was sometimes different from the forgot password sent via account.interfolio.com/login. The email via the F180 forgot password was telling users to go to account.interfolio.com

When the user is in the US (not CA), and they click the “Forgot Password” link on the F180 login page, then they will now receive an email to reset their email from account.