Faculty180 Release Notes: 2018.11.28

We have been steadily working on making all our products more accesible. This release sees more improvements to the accessibility of F180's Activity Input Forms along with several improvements and fixes in the program.

F180 Improvements/Fixes:

Inactive Institutional Committee Vita Display:

Fixed issue when displaying a vita on Vitaes & Biosketch, when the vita contains an institution committee that has been deactivated (post input), the institutional committee name was not displayed. Instead a number (committee id) was displaying.

  1. Clicking “View Complete Record” when viewing institutional Committees in Setup, now also correctly displays the committee name.
  2. Note: To deactivate a committee users can go to Admin > Setup > Committees > find a committee > and click on the active icon to toggle active status.

Editing Inactive Institutional Committee:

Fixed issue when navigating to Activities (or any activity input) and viewing Institutional Committees, when trying to edit an institutional committee that had been deactivated, the committee dropdown was not showing the user’s previously selected committee as available.

  1. We now populate specific deactivated committees into the list only when users edit a deactivated committee.
  2. Note: To deactivate a committee users can go to Admin > Setup > Committees > find a committee > and click on the active icon to toggle active status.

F180 FE: Left-side Navigation menu changes post-emulation:

Fixed issue where the “Faculty” menu was displaying after exiting "Emulate User."

When selecting Emulate User from the Administration menu and selecting a Faculty Member from the list, and then selecting any of the Menu items (Profiles, Activities, Evaluations, etc.), and then clicking “Home” from the main menu BEFORE exiting emulation, the faculty-facing menu still displayed.

F180: Enhancements to Roles:

We recently added the ability for newly created scholarly subtypes to automatically add the "Role" coauthor classification. However, if clients have > 1 coauthor classification called "Role" then we pick the first Role classification and add it to the scholarly type. So, the options represented in the dropdown may differ from what is expected.

  • Now an institution wanting to customize a scholarly activity subtype to allow a specific subtype a new option to role, can add the option to display for that subtype(s) without creating a new role.
    • We created the database structure to allow options to be included for specific subtypes, but this does not include a UI tool
  • Note - this does not solve the following issues:
    • If the classification called "Role" is renamed, we cannot automatically add it since "Role" does not exist
    • Implementations that already have > 1 Role option for customization in specific subtypes

Administrative Access Report:

Fixed a couple issues with the administrative access report.

  • First issue: The report was not respecting the filters at the top of the page for filtering faculty. Specifically, the report wasn’t respecting the Employment Status filter at the top of the table. In addition, the Univ level drill down was setup to show both faculty and support accounts, but was not showing support accounts.
  • Second Issue: When drilling down into the next level of the report, the listing included support accounts + faculty accounts. However, the edit button took users to the "Edit Faculty" screen. Also, the filters at the top of the page would filter users based upon the faculty picker.
  • Fixes:
    • Admin Rights
      • Screen 1: Removed the filters (since they were not working). Added a note that Support Accounts need to be managed separately (and a link to that page)
      • Screen 2: Removed support accounts from this view
    • Admin page
      • Updated the note next to “Administrative Rights” to indicate that they can manage rights for faculty users: “Add/edit administrative rights for faculty users”
      • Updated the note next to “Support Accounts” to indicate that they can add, edit, and manage administrative rights for those accounts: “Create, edit, or change administrative rights for support accounts (non-faculty members who need administrative access)“

Forgot Password sends 2 reset account/password emails:

Fixed issue happening when some users were unable to reset passwords with the link we emailed. When selecting the Forgot Password link on the F180 login page and entering the user's ID in the popup, the user received 2 separate emails: a new message about the Account Reset, and the old email (F180 branded) with a link for https://account.interfolio.com. Users were unable to set a new password with either link.