Faculty Search Release Notes: 2018.11.28

This release corrects an issue for some users with visibility of the admin page. 

Fixed issue with Committee Managers seeing options to 'enable / disable status creation' on admin page:

In some situations, Committee Managers were seeing options to 'enable / disable status creation' on the admin page, and when the user selected to disable status creation they were getting the error "you are not authorized to access this page."

Faculty Search CMs whose parent unit Administrator has not locked position or application status changes at lower units should not see the option to enable /disable status creation on the admin page (the radio button for application or position statuses should not be visible to CM role).

For clarification:

  • CMs for the current unit can re-order, create, edit, and delete a status if they are not locked by the parent unit (the way it currently works).
  • CMs should not be able to create, edit, delete, reorder statuses if disabled by a parent unit. The view displayed takes note that changes have been disabled at a higher unit.
  • Regardless of “locked by parent status,“ CMs at the current unit never have the option to "enable/disable status creation."