Faculty Search Release Notes: 2019.01.08

We have added a shared reports feature that gives administrators the option the option to share reports with other authorized users at an institution (e.g. users who can access reports).

In Faculty Search, the following applies to Applications report or a Positions reports:

  1. Faculty Search Administrators who save an Applications report or a Positions report can share that saved report with other with other authorized users (e.g. users who can access reports)
  2. FS Administrator on the Applications or Positions report will see:
    • an “Applied Filters” header above the filters used for the report
    • the filters used for the report (existing)
    • an option to save and clear (existing)
  3. When admin selects the save option they see a window where they can:
    • Name the report
    • See the filter list that will be saved for the report
    • See the columns saved as part of that report
    • Select an option to Share Report with others who have access & the correct permissions
  4. Admin viewing a report they have saved can:
    • see an option to edit the saved report next to the report title
    • When they select the option to edit the report they get the same window they used to save the report where they can toggle the “Shared Reports” setting to off
    • When admin selects the “Saved Reports” button they should see:
    • If they are the only one that saved reports: their personal (saved) reports
    • If they have not saved any reports, but there are shared reports: shared reports
    • If they saved reports and also have access to saved reports: a split drop down of their personal reports first, followed by shared reports