Faculty Search Release Notes: 2019.02.05

We have added a shared reports feature that gives administrators the option the option to share reports with other authorized users at an institution (e.g. users who can access reports).

Fixed issue with error when attempting to resend external letter requests with no due date

When Admins and Committee Managers in Faculty Search were requesting letters of recommendation on behalf of applicants and adding a deadline to te request, they were unable to remove the deadline when editing and resending those requests.

When editing and resending a request that had a deadline, they saw this error: "undefined method `>=' for nil:NilClass," and they could only send the request if they extended the deadline.

Fixed issue with timestamp for date_received not being converted to Eastern Time

Some applicants were able to update materials even though the position status did not allow for updating. Time stamps on applicant documents within the search were not consistent with the time stamps shown in the applicant's account. The committee view was showing that documents were updated after the close date, though a position status was set to prevent applicants from updating their materials.

When an Administrator in Faculty Search was running a form report and clicking on the shareable link, this produced a page with this message: "No data available for the current selection." This was happening intermittently when viewing users who had completed forms.