Faculty180 Release Notes: 2019.02.20

This release features a few bug/issue fixes and small improvements to the program.

Fixed issue with updating evaluators and authors on evaluations generating an "Oops an error has occurred!" message

SCP co-author notification showing duplicates:

Fixed issue happening when faculty member inputting scholarly contributions was adding a co-author. That co-author was receiving duplicate notifications to accept/reject co-authored work.

Author settings not saving in evaluation:

Fixed issue with changes not being saved for the "Author" settings dropdown of an evaluation.

Deleting evaluations should delete work items:

Fixed issue with action items not being removed when an administrator cloned an evaluation and then deleted the cloned evaluation. When that happens, the action Item on home should be removed.

Access Settings menu not populating as expected:

Fixed issue with the Account Access menu not behaving as expected for administrative users.