Dossier Release Notes: 2019.02.20

With this release, we have created a small new site to help our users who are uploading confidential letters of recommendation to other online systems (other than Interfolio) understand our policies and procedures and explain why some letters do not go through, and why some destinations for letters aren't currently supported.

New "Unsupported Deliveries" microsite:

The Interfolio Services Team has created a site that allows users to learn more about why some confidential letter uploads don’t go through, or some destinations aren't supported, and a way to search which destinations we can't support currently.

In a nut shell:

  • For external online applications, Interfolio delivers only letters of recommendation.
  • We are unable to deliver a small proportion of confidential letters due to unique requirements within the applications that prevent us from completing a request. To learn more or to check if your destination is unsupported, please see Unsupported Destinations for Online Applications.