RPT Release Notes: 2019.02.20

This release features new support for candidates to view the status of documents they have uploaded and are in the process of being converted. In addition, there have been ongoing efforts to address issues with the last release which introduced improved candidate transparency and allowed administrators to reuse materials from past cases.

RPT Improvements and Fixes:

Added support for candidate view of document status updates when docs are converting:

Applicants can now view the Document Status of the progress toward conversion of an uploaded document.

Resolved Known Issues in RPT:

Replacing applicant fulfillment document fails:

Fixed issue preventing RPT candidates from replacing documents in sections with a limited number of requirements. Having reached the document limit, candidates were able to delete documents from the section, but were receiving an error when trying to replace a document.

Custom PDF download doesn't reflect packet document sort order:

Resolved a known issue happening when downloading documents from cases that have been altered to have the 'internal sections appear first.'

  1. SINGLE PDF DOWNLOAD: When a case was downloaded in a single PDF, the candidate documents were appearing first and the internal case section reorder was not being respected in the download.
  2. ZIP FILE DOWNLOAD: The zip file downloaded was not respecting the order of documents in a section.

Reorder issue with additional documents requirement:

Fixed issue happening preventing admin from reordering documents by drag and drop when creating a template. Admis could perform the action but the new order was not sticking.

Case details tab shows error:

Fixed issue with the “Case Details” tab displaying blank for some cases.

Fixed problem with sort order of docs not accounting for manual requirement reorder

In RPT, documents in the materials were not being displayed in the same order as in the Document Reader.

Fixed problem preventing users from adding fulfillments to committee requirements if no internal sections exist:

Added ability for users assigned to a committee to upload required files to the case, even when no internal sections exist, so they can fulfill the requirements and move the case forward. Users assigned to step that has required documents but no internal sections will see a message that says:

  • “You need to have at least 1 internal section to fulfill the requirement for this case.” With “Add Internal Section” button.

Fixed existing document records where the timestamp was erroneously changed:

Reset the “received” timestamp back to the original timestamp to reflect when document was originally created.

Allow Administrators and current committee managers to rename artifacts:

When viewing an artifact to which they have editing privileges, Committee Managers or Administrators in RPT can rename the artifact, including confidential evaluations.

Fixed issue with share responses showing they were created by the original/earlier updater:

When creating a share response as a candidate, the "created by..." value was being logged as the legacy updater. We now log "created by..." as the actual user who created the share response.

Fixed issue with Dossier document visibility for candidate added documents