RPT Known Issues: 2019.05.29

List of Known Issues:

The following are known issues following the release on January 23rd, 2019. This list is being updated regularly, and issues are being removed as they are resolved.

Current as of 5/29/19

  • "Move" function not working when moving documents out of the Migrated Docs Section: Some users were experiencing problems when attempting to move documents out of the "Migrated Case Materials" section to another section and/or requirement. Checking the box for the document titled "Response" leaves the "Move" button grayed out and it gives this message "You can not move packet attachments and other candidate packet items at the same time."
  • Administrators unable to delete case sections with no active internal documents whose documents have been migrated to the Case Internal Sections : Some users are receiving the following message when trying to delete empty packet sections: "This section can't be deleted because it contains active documents." This message appears even though there are no active documents in the section. We are fixing these issues for our users and adding the ability for administrators to delete empty sections with documents that have been migrated to the Case Materials Internal Section.