RPT Release Notes: 2019.03.06

Most of the recent work in RPT has been addressing issues related to the release of Transparency and the reorganization of candidate packets.

Fixed issue with external evaluation requests displaying erroneous characters:

Fixed issue with external evaluation requests being sent with odd characters even though the message and preview show otherwise. In RPT, when requesting external evaluations, the subject of the message will now appear to the recipient as written, and the preview will also display what the recipient receives.

Fixed issue with collections menu not displaying collections properly in candidate Dossier accounts:

An RPT candidate working on their packet and clicking “add file,” can add files from their collections. Up till now, the collections option had a dropdown, but clicking on it didn't pull up anything. Instead, the candidate had to search by typing. After typing, the user had to click enter to find options. After doing so once, only then was the drop down appearing when the user would start typing. Now, there isn’t a search, it just shows the user their collections.

  • When the user clicks add file for a requirement and opens the collections tab and clicks the collections menu, the user sees a dropdown menu listing all available collections.
  • When the user chooses a collection, they see the collection displayed in the “add document” window and can select a document from the given collection.
  • This works for shared files too. When the user clicks the “actions” menu and clicks “copy to dossier,” then clicks the collections menu, the user sees a dropdown menu listing all available collections and can choose a collection and copy all shared files to their Dossier to a selected collection. The user can also copy a single shared file to Dossier to a collection they select.
Made clear that users cannot change the candidate's email after initial save of a created case:

Resolved UI issue that made it appear users could change the candidate email after creating a case. The user could see the change in the email address in the case, but the case wasn’t actually transferred to another user. In fact, users can not edit the candidate email address after case creation.

Users can delete/remove a confidential attachment on the Case page of a candidate:

We added a delete button that shows if the administrative user has editing rights for a confidential attachment.

  • Admin viewing a Case page can delete a confidential attachment.  
  • Committee manager of the current workflow step who is viewing the Case page, can delete a confidential attachment that they have permission to edit.
Allow authorized users to change the access level of confidential attachments on the Case page:

After the release of Transparency features, it was discovered that users were not able to update the Access Level setting for any confidential evaluations. Any document in the packet should have this option available.

  • An administrator viewing the case page of a candidate can update the access level setting for a confidential attachment.
  • While viewing the Case page, the current committee manager (if they have access to a given document)  can update the access level setting for a confidential attachment.
Allow users to update confidential attachment access settings in bulk:

Fixed issue preventing Admins and CMs from being unable to update the access settings in bulk for documents uploaded in the external evaluation section.