Faculty180 Release Notes: 2019.03.19

This release features several fixes and improvements to F180 as described below.

"Instruction Mode Values" Not Showing:

Fixed an issue with Instruction Mode values not displaying when viewing a vita.

Updates to NIH Biosketch:
  • We created a new template titled "NIH Biosketch (2017)."
  • We renamed the biosketch template "NIH Biosketch Template" to "NIH Biosketch (<current year template was introduced>)".
  • All biosketch templates will have a year from now on.
  • We also created a box that will house profile details. In the vita output, this box replaces the "header".
    • Name, Position Title, and Education/Training (Degrees) are now pulled automatically from the DB.
    • eRA Commons user name will need to be added manually; this will show up as a section on the Edit screen, represented by an open text box.
  • All remaining sections should work the same as in the previous Biosketch template
  • As part of this work we fixed an issue with exporting a PDF of a NIH document, the download was not happening and the bio-sketch displays were not processing correctly.
(Faculty180) Issue Generating CV:

Fixed issue happening when trying to generate a CV, faculty were getting an "oops an error occurred..." error.

Users unable to save or preview new profile or activity input sections under Admin > Setup:

Fixed issue with the save button to save a section, and preview buttons to preview a section not showing in the Profile form and Activity Input form configurations. (Set up -> Profile Form -> Add Section).

Account Access - the Calendar hides behind the "Add Access" window:

Fixed display issue with calendars in F180 becoming hidden/not accessible.

Input Classifications - Error when entering FCs for multiple people:

Fixed issue with admins getting an “Oops” error when entering multiple Input Classifications on a form that has at least one form entry that is a multiple select box (and when selecting more than 1 faculty to update).  

Select all/Unselect all function with Manage Locked Vitas (Eval) not functioning:

Fixed issue happening when a user went into the Manage Locked Vitas portion of an evaluation setup, the “Select all/Unselect All” checkbox was not functioning. To complete the unlocking and relocking function needed, the user had to click each vita twice, once to unlock and then again to relock.