RPT Release Notes: 2019.03.19

Much of the recent work in RPT has been addressing issues related to the release of Transparency and the reorganization of candidate packets. We have also made some improvements and fixed a few other issues not related to transparency release.

Candidate can view document status updates when docs are converting:

When a user uploads a document that will be converted, they can check the Document Status while converting.

Material updates made by CMs don't save properly:

Fixed an issue experienced by some users when trying to make changes to document titles in their assigned cases. The changes were not sticking after the users left the page. Kim says that the administrator roles does not encounter this problem.

Allow form responses to be downloaded individually:

In an earlier update we added support for downloading a PDF of candidate form responses along with other materials in a packet when downloading materials from the Document Viewer. With this release, we add support for downloading just the form response PDF. Users will no longer have to download the packet and then access the form response PDF via an email/action item to get a copy of the candidate form responses.

  1. When an RPT user clicks the “Download” button for a set of form responses in the viewer they will see two options:
    • Download Document
    • Download Packet
  2. If the institution has downloads turned off, the user will not see the “Download” button at all when viewing materials in the Document Viewer.
Ongoing work to improve performance of candidate Case pages:

Made back end changes that improve the performance of the Case page.

  • All Sections of case page will be collapsed by default except for the first section that is displayed. Users must click "carat" to expand sections as shown in screenshot below.
  • Fixed issues with large artifacts associated with cases preventing cases from being forwarded as normal without performance issues.
Docs submitted by applicant aren't processed properly:

Fixed issue some clients reported happening for RPT Candidates; docs in submitted packet sections were not showing up on the candidate's Case page (on the committee's end).

"Select all docs" button selects unsubmitted forms:

Fixed issues with downloading candidate forms. When users try to check the box to select the forms individually, the system prevents them from doing so (as intended with unsubmitted forms), but clicking the "Select All" checkbox at the top of the packet was selecting unsubmitted forms.

Submitting packet section generates "[object Object]" error

Fixed issue happening when an RPT candidate submitting a packet section was getting an "[object Object]" error and were unable to submit their packet.