Faculty Search Release Notes: 2019.03.19

This release features a confirmation that will warn users when deleting a position and explain what deleting a position means.

Added confirmation for users when deleting a position:

Institutional Administrators or Committee Managers (with proper access to a position) who are viewing the “Edit Position’ page will now get a warning to avoid accidentally removing a position. When an IA OR Committee Manager is editing a position and clicks the “Delete Position” button from the “Position Actions” dropdown (note: the option to delete positions only displays in the dropdown if there are no active Candidates being considered.)  the following should occur:

  • The user will see a prompt asking “Are you sure you want to delete this Position?” with the text:

"Deleting this position will permanently remove it from the system. Candidates will no longer be able to apply to the position, and you will no longer be able to clone the position to use as a starting point from when creating a new position. This action cannot be undone."

  • The user will see a “Delete Position” button and clicking this button deletes the position from the system.
    • The user will then be directed to the Positions home page after clicking this button and will see a notice confirming that the position has been deleted within the UI.
    • User will also see a “Cancel” button.