Faculty180 Release Notes: 2019.04.02

This release features several bug fixes to F180 as described below.

APA and NLM citations not pulling volume or issue number:

Fixed issue with Scholarly Citations reports where the output for the following "Citation Formats" are not pulling the volume or issue number into the citation output:

  1. 1. APA - American Psychological Association 6th edition
  2. 2. NLM - National Library of Medicine (grant proposals with PMCID/PMID)
New vita format with date not displaying as option:

Fixed bug with the new format Traditional-Date on CV displaying as greyed out. When changing a Vita at the top most unit unit, the vitas with the same name at lower units are considered "locked." When saving, the system would "copy" the settings over to the other vitas. This is now working as expected.

Start / End Terms - error messages not removed when changes are made correcting initial error:

Fixed error occurring in sections with Start and End Terms and Years. When creating a new activity for the Context section and incorrectly setting Start Term and Year with an End Term and Year that is before the Start Term and Year, the error message was appearing as expected, but not going away when the error was corrected.

Missing Coauthor information on Vita:

Fixed issue with funding "CoAuthors" not appearing when viewing and/or printing an Annual Report to the Dean vita. When viewing a vita with the Funding section set to the tabular view, no co authors listed in the columns, however when changing the view to traditional view the co-authors were displaying.

Calendar greyed out when trying to add an expiration date to support account:

Fixed a display issue with the calendar appearing behind the pop up box.

Unable to download PDF of NIH biosketch:

Fixed issue with exporting a PDF of a NIH document, the pdf now downloads and the bio-sketch displays correctly.

Export to CCV Error:

Fixed problem with exporting CCV.