Faculty Search Release Notes: 2019.04.30

FS Enhancement for integration clients: New endpoint to provide updates for changes to Application Status for an Applicant:

Created a new endpoint in the Faculty Search API that provides information about application status changes. When an Interfolio API user calls this new endpoint, they get a list of all applicants assigned that status for a given time range. This is functionally similar to the existing endpoint for the selected_applicant attribute. This allows users to call this endpoint and fetch application records that have a particular status (e.g. Hired).

A specific example of how this endpoint could be used:  Say, for example, a client uses this feature to identify applications with the status “Hired.” The user can then pull over all necessary applicant data and documents and potentially create a case in RPT for those users marked as “hired.”

Send position deletion updates to Dossier:

Fixed issue causing positions that had been completely removed in Faculty Search to still appear in Dossier and Apply. Users had to manually delete these positions from the legacy database that CF, Dossier, and Apply use for position data, and were having to make support requests to delete a position that had been removed but was still showing throughout other apps. Now, when a DELETE request has been made to positions/<position_id> endpoint, Faculty Search calls the new Dossier position#delete endpoint, and the position will no longer show in Super (CF), Dossier, or Apply

Note: Only called when positions are completely removed from Search. Position creating/updating and closing should remain the same.