Coming Fall 2019: Improved .zip Downloads in Review, Promotion & Tenure

Planned for release in fall 2019, the following changes will be made to the process of downloading case materials in Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure:

  • We will add a new, built-in sub-folder structure for .zip downloads of any number of materials at once (such as full packet downloads, or just a selection of materials)
  • The new sub-folder structure will reflect the packet sections as defined in Interfolio
  • We will retain both combined PDF and individual PDF download options

Have questions? Please contact your Interfolio Account Manager or Project Manager—they can help you determine any impact to your processes with this upcoming product change.

This coming product update affects only the Review, Promotion & Tenure module.

What this means:

If your process for faculty review and/or promotion cases involves someone (such as a chief academic officer) reviewing candidate materials outside Interfolio as a single combined PDF, you can still achieve that with the .zip download option. In that case, you will need to combine separate PDFs outside of the Interfolio environment.

For one example, here are Adobe's instructions for using Adobe Acrobat Pro to combine PDF files:

At present, we plan to retain the existing combined PDF download option for the foreseeable future, although as outlined here, we encourage you to consider .zip format for better performance, especially concerning large cases.

Why we made this change:

Downloading packet materials in .zip format (instead of as a combined PDF) helps to prevent situations where someone at your institution sits waiting for a candidate packet to download from Interfolio and is unsure of the status, or the system seems to freeze.

This upcoming feature expansion will make the .zip download option much easier to navigate, making this format a more user-friendly alternative to a (potentially massive) combined PDF download. It is part of a variety of technical improvements we are making to the performance of the Interfolio platform.

Benefits of the .zip download option:

Save time and relieve uncertainty: By making .zip download format more user-friendly, this upcoming product change will help prevent situations where someone at your institution (whether administrator or faculty committee member) must sit and wait for a candidate packet to download from Interfolio and may be unsure of the status of the download. The changes will also help prevent instances when the system appears to freeze during processing.

Improved performance: By encouraging .zip downloads instead of combined PDF downloads, this product update will also substantially reduce the risk of multiple, simultaneous large download attempts causing a traffic jam that slows down our system as a whole.

Improvements to .zip sub-folder structure:

To support the .zip format download, we have invested some work into the presentation and structure of .zip downloads in the system. Zip files will now include separate folders for all case sections from a Review, Promotion & Tenure case and, in the future, the associated Faculty180 vita sections. This will make these larger packets far easier to work with in the future.

Here is an example: