Faculty180 Release Notes: 2019.05.14

F180 FE: Fixed issue with Find Colleagues feature tying interests and profile information to start date:

Fixed issue with the Find Colleagues Tool not working as it should. Find colleagues feature was connecting profile information such as interests to the faculty member’s start date instead of having profile information be independent of dates.


  1. Functionality - “Activity Types” that come from a profile form are not tied to a date as profile information is static. Sections that pull from the profile form are instead searched against “active faculty” (any user account that does not have an Inactive employment status for the current term). This corrects an issue with tool linking profile information to a user’s start year. “Activity types” that are pulled from the Activity Form should still adhere to the year range set in the tool.
  2. Text -
    • Updated the help text to better explain the tool. “Find colleagues at your institution by using keywords to search profile or activity sections displayed below. Note: this searches records for active faculty. Profile sections are not based on year; activity sections are based on year range.
    • Changed “Date Range” to “Year Range” to make more clear
    • “Select Activity Type” changed as profile sections do not have “activity” related data as F180 defines “activity”
    • Changed “Select Section” to “Search”
    • Changed “Select Activity Type” to “Select Profile or Activity Sections to Search”
    • If the user selects any items from Profile sections, the user is not permitted to edit the year range.

F180: Added additional value in Collaborators Table - Multiple PI:

Added a role type of Multiple PI. NIH Grants allow for this new role type https://grants.nih.gov/grants/multi_pi/  this is now a standard value from NIH.