Committee Forms Known Issues (updated 2020.08.05)

This article tracks issues with the new Committee Forms feature set. These are issues that have been discovered through testing or reported by clients, and we are working to resolve these problems as quickly as possible. This list will be updated as issues are added or resolved, so please check back regularly (with each new release) for an updated list of issues and indications of our progress toward resolving them.

(ENG-2735) Committee Forms - Optional Date/Time questions do not require AM/PM

1- When responding to a time and date question that is optional on a committee form the Time AM/PM is not required if the date is entered, but it should be.

2- If an optional Time question is on a committee form and a committee member is completing the AM/PM part the time should be required, but is not

3- For a required Time question, a committee member is able to submit without the AM/PM selected

4- When editing the response in an optional time question, removing the time leaves the AM/PM radio buttons ticked. The AM/PM data is then saved to the PDF.

(PL-1175) Manage Respondents not shown for Admins that cant manage the committee

Admins that cant manage the committees unit can't see the Manage Respondents window for a committee form attached to the packet. This is related to permissions in the institutional hierarchy.  

Any admin with access to the case should be able to manage respondents. Unit of the committee should impact who can or can't manage respondents, if you're an Admin, you should be able to manage.

(ENG-2738) Discrepancy on the bullet style in PDF and the Rich Text editor

The bullet style in the generated PDF when a user answers a form, and the bullet style in the Rich Text editor when the user is editing an answer, are not the same.

This occurs on all RTF enabled areas ex. Edit Form Details or Add a Paragraph question in a form.

Notes: This affects all areas where Rich Text Formatting can be entered ex. New Internal Case section, New Section in Candidate Packet, Email Candidate Preview, Instructions To Candidate, Add new Committee Form.

(ENG-2739) PDF and UI discrepancy on Edit Submission when users is on another timezone

PDFs are listed as being in the timezone in which the form was answered, and the UI in the actual form translates the data to reflect the timezone the user is in.

This appears when submitting a form response with Dates and Time or Dates only, the PDF generated on Case Materials page when a form is submitted and user clicks to Edit Submission on Case Details tab.

The pdf and answers on the Date/Time question should match, but they do not.  The PDFs are in the timezone in which the form was answered and the UI translates the data to the timezone you are in. Unless changed, the UI should retain the previous answer.

(ENG-2743) Committee Forms: The Internal Section for Responses displays as blank after adding a new internal section for a committee form in a template

For a template, after changing the settings, saving and going back to edit again, the Internal Section for Responses drop down is blank when editing a committee form for a committee in a case step.

(ENG-2744) Case Materials: - Error Validation "You have not selected any documents to download" displayed even when forms are selected

Under certain conditions an erroneous error message is displaying indicating items are not selected when they in fact are.

(ENG-577) Max length is incorrect when duplicating fields

The character max is not being enforced on the FE for short answer, paragraph, comments and Other fields. When creating a committee form with a Short Answer field, duplicating the Short Answer field and changing the field type to Paragraph and saving, the maxlength is 300 (maxlength for short answer fields) instead of 8000

If you duplicate a field that does not have a maxlength (like a number field) it wont have a maxlength at all, allowing the user to type any number of characters.

If you edit the field and save it, the max length will correctly update to 8000.

(ENG-1277) Improve handling of markup when retrieving form data via the API

Current Behavior: If an RPT committee member's form response includes HTML markup in their response, the markup is being included in the form response data that is retrieved via API.

Desired Behavior: We will present two options for pulling form responses:

  • original responses (including HTML markup allowing users to pull over the HTML elements with their integration
  • clean responses stripped of markup, plain text without the HTML markup
(ENG-2313) API - Edits to a Committee Form should not create a new version

RPT administrators editing existing questions on a committee form, should be able to update the same question instead of needing to creating a new version so they can see all responses to the same question in one column when viewing the Forms report.

When an RPT admin is editing a question within a committee form that is connected to an active case or has submitted responses, when they click Save, they should will see a warning message.

RPT admin viewing a message after editing a form question will see two options: Save or Cancel, click Save and the form should be updated with the edited question, click Cancel and recent changes are discarded


  • Edits include 1) editing question text, 2) editing response value, 3) adding new response values, and 4) deleting response values
  • Question type cannot be edited for forms with one or more responses
  • Questions with a response can be deleted but should still be visible in reports
  • Response values with a response can be deleted but should still be visible in reports
  • When attempting the save edits, users should see a warning message and have an option to confirm or to cancel
  • Edits to a form should be reflected for all future respondents, including users currently assigned to the form with an incomplete response
  • Edits to a form do not solicit a new response for users who have already submitted a response (per case)
  • Reporting should display the most recent question
  • Reporting should display the value that was in place during the time of response