RPT Release Notes 2019.07.25

With this release we have made the following fixes and improvements:

Fixed issue with an RPT Admin attempting to create a new case, but running into an "error creating applicant in framework" message when creating the case.

A new case does was being created, but did not include the individual's name/information that was entered.

Reports showing incorrect case steps:

Fixed issue with inaccurate case steps appearing in reporting.

Changing access settings moving docs to additional documents requirement:

When RPT Admin or Committee Manager working on the candidate packet section of a case was changing the access settings of a document,  that document was being moved to the additional documents section.

Note: this was happening when changing the settings through the path: edit > edit settings.

Updates to action items display for committee shares:

If case for a shared item is closed, and there are no other shares, we now remove the action item.