Faculty180 Release Notes: 2019.08.07

With this release we have fixed the following issues:

Fixed Bug when viewing Evaluation Process settings:

When editing Evaluation Processes and clicking into a step to review/confirm settings, when no updates or changes were needed, clicking “Cancel” was taking users to the page they would see if/when creating a brand new Evaluation Process instead of returning user to the Processes main page with the graph of all the steps. Discovery of this issue led us to change and improve how we were handling our Cancel buttons in general. 

Multiple Records in Activities Table:

Fixed issue happening when an activity is entered manually. Each time a faculty member tried to edit the activity (even when just opening the form), a new record was being created in the “missionactivities” table for the Activity Classifications of that section that are entered by open textbox. This text duplication was causing reports to break and duplicates to show up on CVs.

Fixed problem with creating a dropdown list from a long list of values:

Fixed issue with loading long dropdown lists in Faculty180. In some cases, upon load, the list did not maintain alphabetical order, and when user tried to re-order it manually, they were not able to see the first 50 items, so they couldn’t re-order them. Uploading a list over 100 items and adding it as a dropdown for a custom section works and displays as expected.